Why did you go on mission?

I hear it all the time about what missionaries do in the mission field. I’ve sat in church listening to other people’s testimonies and have watched mini documentaries Pastor or guests who have visited our church share about missions and hearing about so many times had a stirring in my heart to go. I also believe that once you become a Christian, your heart is set on what is eternal.

What expectations did you have before going on mission?

I expected God to move through me before going on this mission. But at the same time, I expected to point people to Jesus.

Were your expectations met?

Absolutely! I was very much convicted during this mission. God made me see things I will never forget and have a short memory of. I did however see God move through me in a more compassionate manner and being more aware of my character in my walk and in life. I as also inspired by the children we went to visit in orphanages. They had no parents, no siblings, no home of their own and because of that, they solely relied and were dependent on God. They had no other distractions before them. I was definitely taken back in my walk with God.

Did God direct your expectation elsewhere that you didn’t think of

God redirected my plans and ordered my steps daily after I came back from my mission trip. I could never imagine leaving NZ to do things beyond my own ambitions. Not long ago I was thinking about marriage, careers and travelling overseas. But never would I have thought that God would take me to a whole different country to see what He wanted me to see. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. Nor our ways are not His.

What did God reveal to you on your mission trip?

I believe that God revealed to me in my mission trip is that my heart is set on eternity and God can change your course whether I planned it or not.


If ever you decide to go on a mission trip, be prepared to have a spiritual battle with the enemy. The enemy will try and do everything to stop you from doing God’s will. God’s will will always prevail and because of that, He will provide a way for you to go – financially and spiritually.  Just a ‘taste and see’ experience will create in you a new heart for people outside your normal life. You will be grateful for the things you have here as well.